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  • Augé Fradera, Josep Maria

    IFCC - Scientific Division: Working Group on Fecal Immunochemical Testing (WG - FIT) (Member)

    Terms of Reference

    • To harmonise and/or standardise analysis of haemoglobin in faecal samples by immunochemistry (FIT)
    • To standardise the pre-analytical phase
    • To establish EQA and 3rd party IQC programmes
    • To determine impact of assay interference of Hb variants and other factors
    • To determine the feasibility of developing reference materials and/or commutable calibrators
  • Barrionuevo González, Marta

    IFCC - Education and Management Division - Committee on Value Proposition for Laboratory Medicine (C-VPLM) (Corresponding member)

    Terms of reference

    • To advocate adoption of the value proposition in laboratory medicine/healthcare
    • To develop a compendium of tools for laboratory medicine specialists to establish the value for individual medical tests within individual health care systems
  • Bauçà Rosselló, Josep Miquel

    IFCC - Committee on Emerging Technologies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (C-ETPLM) (Corresponding member)

    Terms of reference

    • To identify, prioritise and coordinate projects to support the emerging science in pediatric laboratory medicine across the total testing process.
    • To review the current concepts in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine and advance laboratory practice through the development and dissemination of position papers and guidelines.
    • To develop existing links and establish new links with clinical and scientific societies working in other specialist organizations including neonatology, pediatrics, inherited metabolic diseases and other rare diseases.
    • To lead education activities, including the tri-annual congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine.
    • To coordinate a worldwide network of scientists working in laboratories specialized in Emerging Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (C-EPLM).
    • To work to support emerging economies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine.
  • Buño Soto, Antonio
  • Canalias Reverté, Francesca

    IFCC - Scientific Division: Working Group on Pancreatic Enzymes  (WG-PE) (Member)

    Terms of reference

    • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Lipase in Serum
    • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Amylase in Serum
    • To support EC-JRC (Joint Research Centre, Directorate F – Health, Consumers and Reference Materials, formerly IRMM) in case of studies and certification of reference materials for enzymes
  • Chueca Rodriguez, Mª Patrocinio

    IFCC - Communications and Publications Division: Working Group Ibero-American Nomenclature and Translations (WG-IANT) (Member)

    Terms of Reference:

    • Organise and manage the Ibero-American corner on the web site
    • Editorial Board of the e-journal "Diagnostico in vitro" (edited by the chair of the WG-IANT)
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese terminological documents
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese translations of IFCC documents
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese informative and educational documents
  • Díez Gibert, Orland

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committee on Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum (C-CMBC) (Member)

    Terms of Reference

    The objective of the C-CMBC is to develop curriculum and hold training courses in Molecular Biology techniques. In addition, C-CMBC will develop techniques for teaching Clinical Molecular Biology in Laboratory Medicine and courses in teaching Clinical Molecular Biology.


    • Clinical Molecular Biology Courses
    • Symposia at International Congresses
    • Liaison with other special International Groups
    • Molecular Biology Courses at Regional Meetings
  • Giménez Gómez, Nuria

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committe on Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine (C-EBLM) (Member)


    To encourage the IFCC community to get more involved in the education and practice of evidence-based laboratory medicine. Key objectives are to provide:

    • General information on the state of the art of EBLM
    • Specific information on the methodology and tools for practising EBLM
    • A database or links to databases which contain evidence-based information related to the specific field of laboratory medicine
    • Educational materials to support EBLM training
    • Information on C-EBLM related events and activities
  • Ibarz Escuer, Mercè

    IFCC - SEQCML representative

    The IFCC governing body is the Council that consists of one Representative appointed by each Full Member (voting), Affiliate Member, and Corporate Member. It convenes at the triennial International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.

  • Imperiali Rosario, Claudia E.

    IFCC - Task Force Young Scientists (TF-YS) (Member)


    The aim of TF-YS is to ensure that young scientists make a significant and growing contribution to the activities of IFCC and to the promotion of laboratory medicine at the centre of healthcare


    • To identify young scientists amongst IFCC Full and Corporate Members
    • To use modern information technology to establish formal and informal networks to facilitate the communication between young scientists who are involved in laboratory medicine
    • To link with national society young scientist initiatives
    • To encourage young scientists to share experience of laboratory medicine and other healthcare practice around the world
    • To disseminate and promote innovation and high quality scientific and clinical practice standards
    • To facilitate opportunities for young scientists to train in modern, state of the art laboratory practice
    • To enable young scientists to participate in scientific, clinical and educational meetings and other learning sessions
    • To encourage young scientists to participate in national and international programmes to promote the essential contribution of laboratory medicine to healthcar
    • To make young scientists aware of the existence and role of IFCC and to encourage their participation in IFCC activities
    • To assure the future of IFCC through the identification of young scientists who may develop into future experts capable of leading IFCC Divisions, Committees and Working Groups and becoming IFCC Officers
  • Mérida de la Torre, Francisco Javier

    IFCC - Clinical Laboratory Management (C-CLM) (Corresponding member)

    Terms of Reference

    The C-CLM promotes good management practices in clinical laboratories. The committee’s mandate is to produce monographs and/or guides on basic clinical laboratory management, quality requirements recognized in major quality management guidelines and to offer training modules, seminars, workshops and expertise to laboratory professionals whose purpose is to define organizational structure and carry out crucial activities necessary to achieve quality in routine clinical laboratory services. The committee aims to produce standardized workshop material for basic and advanced management courses. The committee also focuses on addressing the challenges and needs of clinical laboratories in developing countries who have the aim to continually improve towards ensuring patient safety and/or to meet accreditation standards.

  • Oliver Sáez, Paloma

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committee on Point of Care Testing (C-POCT) (Member)

    Terms of reference

    • To promote quality in the use, performance, interpretation and reporting of POCT across the full spectrum of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
    • To create a forum for high level discussion on a wide range of POCT related topics.
    • To provide international leadership for developing the clinical practice of POCT in Laboratory Medicine.