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  • Augé Fradera, Josep Maria

    IFCC - Scientific Division: Working Group on Fecal Immunochemical Testing (WG - FIT) (member)

    Terms of Reference

    • To harmonise and/or standardise analysis of haemoglobin in faecal samples by immunochemistry (FIT)
    • To standardise the pre-analytical phase
    • To establish EQA and 3rd party IQC programmes
    • To determine impact of assay interference of Hb variants and other factors
    • To determine the feasibility of developing reference materials and/or commutable calibrators
  • Barrionuevo González, Marta

    IFCC - Education and Management Division - Committee on Value Proposition for Laboratory Medicine (C-VPLM) (Corresponding member)

    Terms of reference

    • To advocate adoption of the value proposition in laboratory medicine/healthcare
    • To develop a compendium of tools for laboratory medicine specialists to establish the value for individual medical tests within individual health care systems
  • Bauçà Rosselló, Josep Miquel

    IFCC - Committee on Emerging Technologies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (C-ETPLM) (member)

    Terms of reference

    • To identify, prioritise and coordinate projects to support the emerging science in pediatric laboratory medicine across the total testing process.
    • To review the current concepts in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine and advance laboratory practice through the development and dissemination of position papers and guidelines.
    • To develop existing links and establish new links with clinical and scientific societies working in other specialist organizations including neonatology, pediatrics, inherited metabolic diseases and other rare diseases.
    • To lead education activities, including the tri-annual congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine.
    • To coordinate a worldwide network of scientists working in laboratories specialized in Emerging Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (C-EPLM).
    • To work to support emerging economies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine.
  • Buño Soto, Antonio
  • Caballé Martín, Imma
  • Canalias Reverté, Francesca

    IFCC - Scientific Division: Working Group on Pancreatic Enzymes  (WG-PE) (member)

    Terms of reference

    • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Lipase in Serum
    • To develop a primary reference method for pancreatic Amylase in Serum
    • To support EC-JRC (Joint Research Centre, Directorate F – Health, Consumers and Reference Materials, formerly IRMM) in case of studies and certification of reference materials for enzymes
  • Chueca Rodriguez, Mª Patrocinio

    IFCC - Communications and Publications Division: Working Group Ibero-American Nomenclature and Translations (WG-IANT) (member)

    Terms of Reference:

    • Organise and manage the Ibero-American corner on the web site
    • Editorial Board of the e-journal "Diagnostico in vitro" (edited by the chair of the WG-IANT)
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese terminological documents
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese translations of IFCC documents
    • Produce Spanish and Portuguese informative and educational documents
  • Díez Gibert, Orland

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committee on Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum (C-CMBC) (member)

    Terms of Reference

    The objective of the C-CMBC is to develop curriculum and hold training courses in Molecular Biology techniques. In addition, C-CMBC will develop techniques for teaching Clinical Molecular Biology in Laboratory Medicine and courses in teaching Clinical Molecular Biology.


    • Clinical Molecular Biology Courses
    • Symposia at International Congresses
    • Liaison with other special International Groups
    • Molecular Biology Courses at Regional Meetings
  • Filella Pla, Xavier

    IFCC - Education and management: Committee on Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine (C-EBLM) (corresponding member)

    Terms of Reference

    The aims and objectives of the Committee on Evidence-based Laboratory Medicine are to:

    • Promote the understanding and the methodology of EBLM by educating laboratory professionals.
    • Support rational laboratory use by implementation of results from EBLM into daily practice.
    • Promote the international dissemination of and collaboration in EBLM

  • Giménez Gómez, Nuria

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committe on Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine (C-EBLM) (member)


    To encourage the IFCC community to get more involved in the education and practice of evidence-based laboratory medicine. Key objectives are to provide:

    • General information on the state of the art of EBLM
    • Specific information on the methodology and tools for practising EBLM
    • A database or links to databases which contain evidence-based information related to the specific field of laboratory medicine
    • Educational materials to support EBLM training
    • Information on C-EBLM related events and activities
  • Imperiali Rosario, Claudia E.

    IFCC - Task Force Young Scientists (TF-YS) (member)


    The aim of TF-YS is to ensure that young scientists make a significant and growing contribution to the activities of IFCC and to the promotion of laboratory medicine at the centre of healthcare


    • To identify young scientists amongst IFCC Full and Corporate Members
    • To use modern information technology to establish formal and informal networks to facilitate the communication between young scientists who are involved in laboratory medicine
    • To link with national society young scientist initiatives
    • To encourage young scientists to share experience of laboratory medicine and other healthcare practice around the world
    • To disseminate and promote innovation and high quality scientific and clinical practice standards
    • To facilitate opportunities for young scientists to train in modern, state of the art laboratory practice
    • To enable young scientists to participate in scientific, clinical and educational meetings and other learning sessions
    • To encourage young scientists to participate in national and international programmes to promote the essential contribution of laboratory medicine to healthcar
    • To make young scientists aware of the existence and role of IFCC and to encourage their participation in IFCC activities
    • To assure the future of IFCC through the identification of young scientists who may develop into future experts capable of leading IFCC Divisions, Committees and Working Groups and becoming IFCC Officers
  • Oliver Sáez, Paloma

    IFCC - Education and Management Division: Committee on Point of Care Testing (C-POCT) (member)

    Terms of reference

    • To promote quality in the use, performance, interpretation and reporting of POCT across the full spectrum of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
    • To create a forum for high level discussion on a wide range of POCT related topics.
    • To provide international leadership for developing the clinical practice of POCT in Laboratory Medicine.
  • Ventura Alemany, Montserrat