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Survey prepared by the EFLM Working Group on Harmonization in Total Testing Process.



The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) has created the Working Group on Harmonization in Total Testing Process (WG-H), with the aim to promote and spread the harmonization activities carried out, or currently on-going, in the different European National Societies.  

"Following the survey on Harmonisation activities, the WG-H intends to start a campaign for improving the harmonisation of reference intervals used by European laboratories. To set a background from which to start, we prepared this short questionnaire focusing on the reference intervals used for the most commonly performed tests."

Aim of the survey is to understand which are the origin of the reference intervals presently in use and if the partitioning criteria for the use of reference intervals are the same all over Europe.  

                                   Click here to access the survey and enter your replies